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massage therapy

Our spa-quality services are designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Nadia customise each massage session to address your specific concerns, whether it's stress relief, muscle tension, or simply a desire to unwind and recharge.

The Experience:

  • Personalised Consultation: Your journey begins with a consultation where our therapist attentively listens to your needs and understands your body's requirements.

  • Tailored Techniques: Nadia expertly combines various massage techniques, such as Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, and more, to create a bespoke treatment perfectly suited to you.

  • Tranquil Atmosphere: Our serene ambience enhances the experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in relaxation.

  • Luxurious Products: We use premium oils and products to complement the massage, nourishing your skin and enhancing the overall experience.

Why Choose Our Services?

  • Expertise: Our specialist's extensive knowledge and skill in massage therapy ensure a professional and effective session.

  • Holistic Approach: Beyond just addressing physical tension, Nadia focuses on holistic wellness, aiming to revive both body and mind.

  • Exceptional Care: Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We ensure that each moment of your session is dedicated to your well-being.

Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation experience and discover the transformative power of our
massage treatments.

Contact us now to schedule your appointment and let us begin your journey towards calm and

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Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

1 hour - £50

Full Body + Face And Scalp Massage 

1 hour 30 min - £65

Align your senses, elevate your well-being with our full body aromatherapy massage. Loose yourself in a blissful blend of essential oils, expertly applied to restore equilibrium, soothe your mind and reawaken your body. Rediscover balance and inner calm in this indulgent, holistic experience.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

30 min - £30

This targeted treatment for your spine and nervous system focuses on your
back, neck and shoulders. Through precise techniques, alleviate tension, and promote deep relaxation. Experience a session designed to enhance spinal wellness and soothe the nervous system for ultimate relief.

Full Body Swedish Massage

1 hour - £45

Unwind with our classic Swedish massage, enveloping your entire body in gentle, flowing strokes. This soothing session eases tension, improves circulation, and promotes deep relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Oriental Face-lift Massage


This specialized face massage focuses on lymphatic drainage, boosting blood circulation to nourish your skin cells. Experience a rejuvenated complexion as this technique promotes a healthy glow and revitalizes your skin for a refreshed, radiant appearance.

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